Awakening Heart-Mind Retreat:
September 11th - 19th, 2020

The coming of the sacred white lions was long prophesied by traditional spiritual leaders of Southern Africa. Their arrival was to herald a shift in human consciousness. When they did finally arrive for the first time in recorded history in the 1970-1990s, commercial hunters shot them. Now there is only one place in the world that these white lions live in the wild - Tsau, Greater Timbavati, South Africa.

Awakening Heart-Mind is an 8-day retreat in direct communion with the sacred white lions of Tsau. The workshop is an integration of twice-daily safari type excursions into the lion prides, combined with advanced practices for stabilising heart-centered awareness (heart-mind). You will learn communication with the star lions and other species through feeling and listening from a clear heart.

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Our time in the African bush will offer a deep call to heart-based presence and invites communion, communication and healing by the lions and the African bush itself.

In a safe, nurturing and loving space, recognition and awakening of innate intuitive abilities will be supported. Through leading edge and ancient practices, emotional and energetic patterns that arise will be attended to. Lion-hearted practices include:

• Meditation and non-dual inquiry

• Breath-work and energy medicine

• Playful awareness and energy games

• Yoga and body-based releasing exercises

• Liberating self-expression, music and singing

• Waking up, showing up, growing up and cleaning up together

Carol Grace and Jeremy de Tolly  will be your guides for this retreat, in collaboration with Linda Tucker (author of 'Mystery of the White Lions' and founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust), and the team at Tsau.

Carol is a Licensed Psychotherapist in Colorado, USA, with a rich background in multi-disciplinary practices, integrating wisdom traditions with holistic clinical psychology.

Jeremy is an international singer, music producer, energy healer, trauma therapist and workshop facilitator focused on empowering heart-based vocal self-expression, at the meeting point of music and spirit.

If you feel an affinity for supporting the star lions and the Global White Lion Protection Trust, you are invited to apply for this retreat!

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