I hope you're hanging in there. I know it's a roller coaster and something most of us have never faced before. Disruption, uncertainty, fear, anxiety... It's A LOT. I get it.

That's why as soon as this began to get serious, we worked on creating a specific meditation for Corona-virus Anxiety.

It's already been played within our App over 8,000 times with an average reduction of stress of 45%.

On top of that, we've unlocked other premium meditations and made them part of our free Corona-virus Stress and Anxiety collection. They include topics such as:

"Feeling Safe and Secure"
"From Fear and Worry to Peace"
"Sleep Support: Quiet My Racing Mind"
"Stop a Panic Attack"
"Tap and Breathe"
"I'm Stressed About the World"
"I'm Stressed About My Health"
"Instant Boost of Healing"

And more…


Free Collection (New!)
I hope you use this new collection, and please make sure to share this with those you love to help reduce our collective stress and anxiety and boost our immune systems.

We're working hard right now on adding more specific meditations to this collection, including a set for kids of all ages. Stay tuned for more. :)

Sending you lots of love during these challenging times.

Until next time...

Keep Tapping!

 Nick Ortner

Six Month Free Membership For Healthcare Workers and First Responders

In addition, we've just announced that we're making the fully unlocked premium version of the app free to ALL healthcare workers and first responders for SIX MONTHS.

These brave men and women are the people who are going to feel this the most and we felt that if we could reduce their stress & anxiety, help them sleep, boost their immune systems, and more, it could make a real difference.

If you or someone you love is a healthcare worker or first responder, fill out the form here to get started.


It works.
"Great app that makes it simple easy and convenient to work on whatever is needed, any time you have a few minutes. The effects are lasting and surprisingly deep. A stress buster for our times, that helps one become calmer and more self aware, more compassionate towards self and others." professorazw


Nick Ortner

Alongside his siblings, Jessica and Alex, Nick developed the Tapping Solution App to make this powerful stress relief technique accessible to anyone around the world. With over 100 Tapping meditations to choose from, there is something for everyone!

While this app may be new, Tapping and the work at The Tapping Solution are not. The Tapping Solution has been helping everyday people to transform how they feel and how they experience their lives since 2007, and has been featured in dozens of media outlets from Psychology Today to The Today Show.

In that time, the Ortners have taught and guided over 3 million people in the use of Tapping through video courses, tapping meditations, and online programs.

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